Enterprise Grade WiFi at Home? Is it really possible?

Client: “Enterprise-Grade WiFi at Home? Really?”

Chris M.: “Absolutely – much cheaper than you would think too!” “Would you like to know more?”

  As technology advances over the years, we find that it also becomes more accessible. To put this into perspective, Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone to the general public. That’s you and me! The powers that be at Apple headquarters knew what they had in their hands and grew into a major competitor in the tech world. The ever growing demand for cellular and mobile devices to have a constant connection to the internet paved the way for today’s cellular and wireless networks.

We depend on our mobile service providers to supply us with a connection to the internet superhighway, however, when we are at home we depend on our WiFi router to take over. This is a service typically provided by out internet service providers or ISP, however, the equipment that they use is not only leased to you at a monthly fee but it is also used equipment at that. If you have the benefit of having your wireless router in the living room or office area, then you will more than likely have a great signal. On the other hand, if you move too far away from the wireless router or it is install in your closet (like so many these days), then your signal may not be sufficient to cover your entire home. To address the lack of coverage some suggest WiFi extenders that use the electrical lines in your home to distribute the connection throughout your home. Not only is this inefficient but it also introduces a lot of electrical noise into a sensitive single.

Network administrators have known this for years and I would like to share it with you now. Enterprise-grade wireless equipment talks to each other passing clients from one device (access point or AP) to another. This allows for WiFi users to roam around the office, hospital, warehouses, and your home for example without dropping their connection to the network or internet. These devices can broadcast multiple service set identifiers (SSID. This is the WiFi name that you would connect to) which can separate guest traffic from internal traffic. Imagine if you could wake around your house without disrupting your streaming media. I know that I enjoy streaming Amazon Music and when I am walking around I do not know what my music to skip a beat. Wouldn’t you like to be able to experience uninterrupted streams of your favorite media?

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