Virus Scan and Removal

So you think you have a virus or some other infection running on your machine? Take a breath, and rest at ease. Mathews IT Services can help you. We enjoy the challenge of beating up on the newest virus outbreaks and we provide the best protection possible to keep your systems safe and running at peak performance.

Viruses can be very tricky to get rid of and it often takes a number of scans from multiple utility programs to make sure that the virus has been eliminated. The customers that we support on a daily basis can feel safe as we provide preventative protection to keep the viruses, spyware, and malware from even entering their computers.

Like in the human world, the virus mutates and adapts to the ever-changing world of Anti-Virus Programs. You will probably need to hire a great virus removal service to clean up your PC because these new strains can be challenging to remove from your computer. In most cases, an anti-virus program will not remove these malicious programs on its own.